Target Traducciones was founded in 1985 in Zaragoza with the aim of providing quality translations for businesses and official bodies. Our commitment from the very start has been to offer a highly personalised attention to customers and to maintain the highest standards of excellence. Over the years we have acquired translating expertise in a wide range of subject areas and are able to meet all types of customer requirements (formats, deadlines, localization, adaptation, proofreading).

We have evolved alongside our customers, increasing our services and integrating new technological tools into our daily work as well as building up an excellent team of translators.

At Target Traducciones we are translators with a passion for translating and have technical translating competence in specific areas - this is something that doesn't go unnoticed by our customers.

The keys to our success throughout all these years have been:

- Specialisation - Our translators are professionals, specialised in different technical, scientific, artistic, legal areas, etc.

- The highest standards of excellence - All of our translations undergo a thorough process of revision/proofreading before being sent to our customers.

- Confidentiality - All customers' documents, all orders and information submitted to us are held strictly confidential.

- Swift turnaround and strict fulfilment of completion dates.

These key aspects are the four foundations that have always formed part of our work and that we will continue to build on in the future.

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