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Target Traducciones offers a swift, flexible service of QUALITY translations, specialising in the following areas:

Technical translations: Expertise in the following fields: general mechanical components and systems, (elevators, cranes, industrial machinery), engineering, electricity, electronics, chemical industry, agricultural-chemical sector, building and patents.
Scientific translations: Medicine and pharmacology (clinical trials, videos of surgical techniques, new product specifications), biotechnology, chemistry and veterinary science (research papers for publication in specialised journals).
Commercial and financial translations: Corporate brochures, marketing, presentations, financial reports, QA manuals, balance sheets.
WEBSITES: We are fully aware of the importance of localization to ensure that translations are tailored to the target audience or international market. A website is your company's image in the vast showcase of the Internet.
Legal and sworn translations: Contracts, proxies, notary deeds, articles of incorporation, certificates, judgments, resolutions, etc. Sworn translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Other services: Proofreading and style correction of texts already translated.
Transcription and translation of video advertisements, TV commercials.
Liaison or escort interpreters for site visits, tours of facilities, business meetings. Over-the-phone interpreting.
... in a series of language combinations in which we always guarantee a professional translation: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Catalan, Basque, Arabic and Turkish are our usual working languages. We also have excellent translators of Russian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Slovakian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese.

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